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October is known as Domestic Violence Awareness month.


Survival of the Fittest

(Living, Prosperous)

Do You See What I See???


Some people say your eyes are the window to your soul. I’m not 100% sure about that, but I know that your ūüĎÄ(eyes) do speak volume. A person can verbally express something but their body language & eyes express something totally different.

When you look @ yourself in the mirror what do you ūüĎÄ(see)? Not just a mere reflection of yourself, I hope. Do you see your full potential; are you able to see your true self?

Your eyes take in a lot of information daily for your brain to process. Your eyes are a very important sensory tool that connects with your mind to create images & imaginations.


Always pay attention to your surroundings. What you see is not always what you get. Never let  situations or circumstances determine your destiny. You are the co-author & pilot over your life; with God the creator as the Author.

Look (ūüĎÄ) deep within yourself & reflect. Reflect on your life & determine what is of value. Do you see what I see?


In the Eyes of the Beholder

(Living, Prosperous)




Life; no two people are the same. We were all created as individuals-existing as a distinct entity. Our outer world is only a reflection of our inner world. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he” (proverbs 23:7).

Mindset- incident of a person’s world view or philosophy of life; attitude, disposition, mood. Romans 12:2-“Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”.

Unique, Distinctive, & Peculiar

When I¬†observed this flower arrangement setting on the console, it made me began to wonder. My first thought was ” Oh wow, what a beautiful arrangement this is.” After starring & gazing at the set-up for a moment I decided to take a photo. As I set there in contemplation mode; it dawned on me. Life is like the flower arrangement.

Everything in the vase is classified as a plant. All of the plants require the same basic needs in order to survive: soil, sunlight, and water. None of the plants look the same neither did they all come from the same place. But they were all collected and put together to serve a particular purpose.

No two people are the same. We were all created with our unique and individual characteristics and personality. As the same way in the floral arrangement pictured above; they are all classified as plants, but each are uniquely different. We as people are all classified as a human race, but no two people are the same-not even twins. It is imperative for one to realize and acknowledge their individuality, but also able to operate effectively with other individuals.

In order to get to know and understand who are you must spend time alone. During this time you should take time out for reflection & meditation. This will allow you to get to truly know yourself as well as what is suitable for your life.¬†Once you have discovered & come to terms with who you are along with your life’s purpose, then¬†you will¬†be able to arrange your life to include others that will create a harmonious, prosperous, and abundant life.


So, I challenge & encourage you to start setting aside time, preferably daily or perhaps weekly in order to self-reflect and meditate. In doing this you will began to experience inner peace and self-awareness. Never get so involved with others & things to the point that you lose touch with who you are.


“I Am…” We are who we chose to be:

leolionThoughts create a subjective reality




No, we never attract what we want; we attract what we are. Surround your self with good, positive energy. Ignore people who do not believe in your dreams and listen to self. Take conscious control over what you allow into your thoughts.

Monitor your feelings and your behavioral patterns. Train your mind, and practice self-love. 95% of your life is controlled by the sub-conscious mind. Live life differently; act on your passion & inner drive. We are who we chose to be. Our life is based off perception.

Build your-self up with confidence as you navigate through life to the next level. In doing so you will begin to find your purpose, pleasure, and power. Don’t be afraid of change, keep learning and take action. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). Our inner world reflects into our outer world.

If you want something you have to go and get it. Re-set & re-create who you are, what you want to manifest, and how you want it to show up in your world. Chose your priorities, and eliminate distractions (set personal boundaries & practice self-care/love).

” I am…Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise; Strong, Powerful, & Tenacious; Abundant, Bountiful, & Prosperous…”

Thanks for visiting and reading my post. Please feel free to comment and ask questions. Until next time; Remember the power of spoken word, and condition your mind to receive the things you want in life. (Living, Prosperous)


Always be honest with yourself; it is tough being a woman, especially a single woman- not to mention a single woman with children. It is often-times difficult as women to manage duties in the capacity of which a man should fulfill. As women we depend on men for stability, strength, security, affection, and love.

“Can you love me like I need to be loved?”

A woman is strong when she observes self-respect. self-worth, & self-esteem; never allowing anyone to tarnish your worth. We should live our lives in accordance to what we speak (Walk the Talk & Not Talk the Walk).

Self-Awareness is an essential life skill required in productive growth & development. Where does your strength come from? Self-examinations helps to identify our frailties and flaws which in return should help to build resilience- the ability to bounce back & re-group. Growing in confidence, not comparing self to others, knowing that imperfection is a part of the human experience and shared by all, are important factors in building self-worth.


Words, actions, and life should all be in alignment: Do what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do. Always be a person of your word (say what you mean & mean what you say).

Knowing your self-worth is an integral part of life’s success. If you don’t know your worth/value then that leaves the door open for anyone else to come in and try to dictate or determine your worth. In order to prevent such things from occurring, we must re-connect & build relationship with self. If you don’t know who you truly are or if don’t respect yourself,¬†No one else will either. As women, mothers, and friends we have to know who we are as a person, have integrity; know your worth, continue to grow & develop in life resulting in Living Prosperous.

Live life by example; we are of great influence to the younger generations (ladies & women of all other ages, race, color, and creed)- so let’s be a positive, motivating influence of change. Thanks for visiting and taking the time out to read my Blog. Please, feel free to leave comments and/or ask questions. I will get back with you, I welcome open dialogue (conversation).

First blog post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Rather than consider what you might have to ‘lose’ where action you’re considering taking is concerned, focus instead on what you stand to ‘win.’ The word ‘win’ implies a reward and¬†that’s exactly what’s on offer if you take a brave step in a particular way. Remember that action always causes a reaction and if we aim @ nothing, then we’re guaranteed to hit it. Ignore doubt or uncertainty. Believe you’ll gain from effort made and you’ll discover you weren’t kidding yourself. (Leo-horoscope)

Hello, my name is Aisha Brown, I am the creator of Influence of Change (Living, Prosperous blog. Aisha means Life; Living, Prosperous-which is not only an indication of how I should live my life; But to be of an influence to others creating change that will lead to a more prosperous life.

The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life. What comes naturally to you may not come so naturally to others. Different life skills may be more or less relevant at different times of your life. The objective of this blog is to assist with managing & living a better quality of life.

I will dedicate weekly to writing about my life’s journey & experiences as well as provide helpful tips and strategies that are effective in successful growth & development. The most important life skill is the ability & willingness to learn.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and welcoming me to the community. Please feel free to comment, and/or ask questions. I will be looking forward to communicating and interacting with you all.