Break ‘D’ Silence & End Domestic Violence

Influence of Change LLC

(Living, Prosperous)

Help end the violence, statistics say it takes an avg. of 7-10 attempts of trying to leave an abuser, before success…& that cops react better to a stranger call than a domestic violence call…& Last but not least the 1st 24-48 hours of leaving an abuser is the most crucial time frame for victim survival rate…plans & strategies must be in place….No one has to go through this alone…there are plenty of resources available to support you through the process…but even with reaching out, you have to be very careful & strategic…more to come on that… until next time…Help Break ‘D’ Silence & End Domestic Violence… Sincerely

Aisha (Life)/Living, Prosperous

Signs of Domestic Abuse

  • Physical Violence ( hitting, pushing, dragging, slapping, kicking, spitting, cutting, choking, shooting, raping…etc)
  • Mental & Emotional Abuse
  • Name Calling
  • Isolation
  • Blaming
  • Mean Spirited
  • Play Mind Games
  • Intimidation
  • Manipulation
  • Financial Abuse
  • Control over money & finances
  • Take on No financial responsibility

Take back control over your life. Domestic Violence is still real in 2019…no one deserves to be abused. Know that you are not alone and there are many resources available to support you in your transition to safety & redeeming your life…don’t hesitate to reach out…you no longer have to suffer in silence…#AwarenessMission

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month