Tis the Season

Hellooo👋, Happy Holidays to everyone. Of course, today was Thanksgiving; a celebration & time when family and friends all come together. This is a day of recognition & giving thanks over a large feast.


Now I’m not 100% sure about all of the things that transpired leading up to this well known holiday, and I’m not going to sit up here and act like I do. What I do know is that it involved Native Americans & Europeans, and whatever they taught us in school is only what they wanted us to know. I also know that it is recognized as a national holiday & the concept has been passed down from generation to generation.

Don’t get me wrong because I do enjoy this special day–but why do we have to wait until the 4th Thursday of every November to give thanks & show love. That’s a really long time. I’m not saying that you should cook over the top (special/large) meals & invite everyone over every day but it shouldn’t take a whole year & national holiday for this to occur.

After today’s dinner I decided to just lay around & watch a couple of movies. My youngest daughter wanted to watch one of her favorite movies, “Daddy’s Little Girls” by Tyler Perry, and I decided to watch one of my old time favorites, “Soul Food” by George Tillman Jr.

As I was watching the movie “Soul Food,” I began reminiscing about back in the day when I was a young girl. My family on my mother’s/grandmother’s side used to always gather on Sundays after church @ my great-grand- mother’s, Ma Mary (pronounced Ma Mur) for food & fellowship. They also gathered together @ other random times for family fun & love ❤. We were a very close knitted family. As time went on, and years passed by & with the loss of certain loved ones the family started coming together less often unless there’s a death in the family.

The point that I’m making is, we should give recognition & thanks daily. We should not have to wait for special holidays or lost of loved ones to come together. I’m not saying that you have to gather & congregate daily or weekly, but do it often. And aside from that you should communicate and let loved ones know how much you care & appreciate them and whatever role they play in your life. Be grateful & give thanks for your own life daily, and communicate it to your immediate family living in your home.

You’ll never know when it’ll be the last time you see or speak to someone. So, in order to prevent guilt or regrets in life-communicate & share your love and/or appreciation with those who have a great impact or influence in/on your life. Enjoy your holidays & be safe. Until next time, remember to be thankful.



P.s- When I first began working on my post it was late Thanksgiving night. But of course it is now Friday the day after, which is also known as Black Friday. Again, have a Happy Holidays….