You Don’t Know My Story…

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October is known as Domestic Violence Awareness month.


Survival of the Fittest

(Living, Prosperous)

Do You See What I See???


Some people say your eyes are the window to your soul. I’m not 100% sure about that, but I know that your πŸ‘€(eyes) do speak volume. A person can verbally express something but their body language & eyes express something totally different.

When you look @ yourself in the mirror what do you πŸ‘€(see)? Not just a mere reflection of yourself, I hope. Do you see your full potential; are you able to see your true self?

Your eyes take in a lot of information daily for your brain to process. Your eyes are a very important sensory tool that connects with your mind to create images & imaginations.


Always pay attention to your surroundings. What you see is not always what you get. Never letΒ  situations or circumstances determine your destiny. You are the co-author & pilot over your life; with God the creator as the Author.

Look (πŸ‘€) deep within yourself & reflect. Reflect on your life & determine what is of value. Do you see what I see?


In the Eyes of the Beholder

(Living, Prosperous)