“I Am…” We are who we chose to be:

leolionThoughts create a subjective reality




No, we never attract what we want; we attract what we are. Surround your self with good, positive energy. Ignore people who do not believe in your dreams and listen to self. Take conscious control over what you allow into your thoughts.

Monitor your feelings and your behavioral patterns. Train your mind, and practice self-love. 95% of your life is controlled by the sub-conscious mind. Live life differently; act on your passion & inner drive. We are who we chose to be. Our life is based off perception.

Build your-self up with confidence as you navigate through life to the next level. In doing so you will begin to find your purpose, pleasure, and power. Don’t be afraid of change, keep learning and take action. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). Our inner world reflects into our outer world.

If you want something you have to go and get it. Re-set & re-create who you are, what you want to manifest, and how you want it to show up in your world. Chose your priorities, and eliminate distractions (set personal boundaries & practice self-care/love).

” I am…Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise; Strong, Powerful, & Tenacious; Abundant, Bountiful, & Prosperous…”

Thanks for visiting and reading my post. Please feel free to comment and ask questions. Until next time; Remember the power of spoken word, and condition your mind to receive the things you want in life. (Living, Prosperous)