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Always be honest with yourself; it is tough being a woman, especially a single woman- not to mention a single woman with children. It is often-times difficult as women to manage duties in the capacity of which a man should fulfill. As women we depend on men for stability, strength, security, affection, and love.

“Can you love me like I need to be loved?”

A woman is strong when she observes self-respect. self-worth, & self-esteem; never allowing anyone to tarnish your worth. We should live our lives in accordance to what we speak (Walk the Talk & Not Talk the Walk).

Self-Awareness is an essential life skill required in productive growth & development. Where does your strength come from? Self-examinations helps to identify our frailties and flaws which in return should help to build resilience- the ability to bounce back & re-group. Growing in confidence, not comparing self to others, knowing that imperfection is a part of the human experience and shared by all, are important factors in building self-worth.


Words, actions, and life should all be in alignment: Do what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do. Always be a person of your word (say what you mean & mean what you say).

Knowing your self-worth is an integral part of life’s success. If you don’t know your worth/value then that leaves the door open for anyone else to come in and try to dictate or determine your worth. In order to prevent such things from occurring, we must re-connect & build relationship with self. If you don’t know who you truly are or if don’t respect yourself, No one else will either. As women, mothers, and friends we have to know who we are as a person, have integrity; know your worth, continue to grow & develop in life resulting in Living Prosperous.

Live life by example; we are of great influence to the younger generations (ladies & women of all other ages, race, color, and creed)- so let’s be a positive, motivating influence of change. Thanks for visiting and taking the time out to read my Blog. Please, feel free to leave comments and/or ask questions. I will get back with you, I welcome open dialogue (conversation).

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