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Rather than consider what you might have to ‘lose’ where action you’re considering taking is concerned, focus instead on what you stand to ‘win.’ The word ‘win’ implies a reward and that’s exactly what’s on offer if you take a brave step in a particular way. Remember that action always causes a reaction and if we aim @ nothing, then we’re guaranteed to hit it. Ignore doubt or uncertainty. Believe you’ll gain from effort made and you’ll discover you weren’t kidding yourself. (Leo-horoscope)

Hello, my name is Aisha Brown, I am the creator of Influence of Change (Living, Prosperous blog. Aisha means Life; Living, Prosperous-which is not only an indication of how I should live my life; But to be of an influence to others creating change that will lead to a more prosperous life.

The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life. What comes naturally to you may not come so naturally to others. Different life skills may be more or less relevant at different times of your life. The objective of this blog is to assist with managing & living a better quality of life.

I will dedicate weekly to writing about my life’s journey & experiences as well as provide helpful tips and strategies that are effective in successful growth & development. The most important life skill is the ability & willingness to learn.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and welcoming me to the community. Please feel free to comment, and/or ask questions. I will be looking forward to communicating and interacting with you all.


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